The Good News in Flint - Why we invest there

We were once told to stay away from Flint, MI in regards to investing. The water was contaminated, the crime was bad and the poverty level was too high to make an investment there. Our thoughts were that the water would get fixed. The problem had the national attention and the squeaky wheel gets the grease after all. Sure enough, the Feds and the State were dumping tons of money into Flint. While reading about it we also saw the jobs moving to Flint. Factories were closing down in Mexico and moving to the city. GM was expanding their existing plant there. The old AC Delco building was bought for millions of dollars. The University of Michigan was expanding its campus. We were seeing nothing but good news. Now after a few years, we are seeing the transition. Downtown has been rejuvenated. There are new restaurants, hipster bars, a brewery, and a brand new Farmers Market. Things are really looking great in the Vehicle City.

Unfortunately, if you read the news or watch the TV shows, you’d think that Flint is a hell hole. Even today when we tell people we invest there, the reaction is almost always the same. Disbelief. Well we thought we’d start showing the stories that we’ve been saving these last few years to show otherwise. Unfortunately the sequence will not be in order because sorting 120 stories chronologically is too much for us. Enjoy.