A work in Progress

Our list of Preferred Vendors and People of Interest. This is not our complete list of vendors, but vendors that we’ve come to trust. Our vendors do not pay us for posts because we will not accept them. These are our preferred vendors because they do good work and we think they are honest. That’s also why it’s a small list.



  • J.B. Lloyd and Associates / US Risk - Since we started with notes, this is our third insurance company and we’re glad we found them. They are easy to use, we have a rate, so we always know what our premiums are, they pay on claims in a timely manner. And they are always available to chat it up about our insurance needs. Ask for Beth or David. http://www.usrisk.com/

Loss Mitigation

Commercial Family Education and Mentoring

  • Sumrok Multifamily - Brad taught us everything to invest and buy commercial multifamily. Not only does he teach you the steps, but also helps keep the underwriting correct with the market fluctuations. If you want to learn the How Tos for commercial multifamily, Brad’s the man to see. https://bradsumrok.com/

I have known Adam Adams for several years and he has proven himself to be trustworthy, competent, and very knowledgeable in areas specifically concerning both IT and real estate investing.
— Kevin Morton