Solid Returns in St Louis


14% ROI

St. Louis, MO

Purchase Date: 20 SEP 16

JV Funding Date: 20 SEP 16

Sale Date: 13 OCT 17 

Closing of Books: 13 NOV 17

Note Cost: $20,975

Workout Costs Contribution: $8,025

AJA Investment Contributions: $23,644.33

Total Investment: $52,644.33

Sale Price: $71,000 (with some buyer credits)

Check at Closing: $60,765.58

Profit: 8,121.25

50/50 Split: $4,060.62

JV Partner ROI: 14%

In the Fall of 2016, we bought a note in St. Louis. The borrower was deceased, so the exit strategy was pretty well defined since we did not see a Deed in Lieu in the future. We took the property through the foreclosure process. Once we got the property, we rehabbed it and listed it. And while the realtor who did our rehab was more optimistic than what the market would bear, we still came away with a double-digit profit when we sold it in the Fall of 2017. 

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