Our Stint In Flint (Two Day Stay In Flint Michigan)

A JV Partner and I spent two days up in Flint Michigan. We went up there to check on the investments, meet an attorney that represents us, meet the vendors who take care of us and get a better feel for the town and county. It's one thing to read up on the demographics, read the news stories about the changes in the area and talk to folks on the phone about what's going on. It's a another thing to go there and check it all out. I felt a little nervous once we pulled off the interstate and counted three blighted properties, but that was the worst of it. After that we saw the growth in Flint, the rejuvenation of downtown, the progress with the tearing down of the blighted areas. We left feeling much better about Genesee county and when I got back; I looked at more tapes for more assets. Now when I look at that map of the area, I feel like I know those neighborhoods. When I see the asset on the tape, I can see the strip mall that in my mind that is two blocks away. When I see the golf course, I can remember the transition from the half a million dollar homes to the fifty thousand dollar homes about half a mile away.

I love that you can do this job from your desk at home, hundreds or thousands of miles away from your assets, but nothing beats getting to know your areas by going there. And I'll say it over and over again, the key is having good teams and I feel like I have a good one up there. If we can make this work in Flint, MI, which is 1,200 miles away from our office, then you can do this from anywhere as long as you have the teams in place to make it happen.

While we were in Flint, we went to court for two forfeitures where we got positive judgements. We got a release of a land contract for a Cash for Keys deal and then drove by the asset to find a ton of garbage on the curb. Good thing we didn't pay for the release just yet because now we'll use that money to haul off the garbage. We found out we had someone other than the borrower living in one of our properties, who had just been served with an eviction. After meeting her and talking with her, we are working to help her stay in the house instead of taking the property. We went down to the county recorder and learned about the mess that is called bureaucracy. We were the only one in line, but they wouldn't do more than three documents. I had over twenty. Gotta love those government employees. However, part of my team is a lady who will take care of my recordings there. So I get them ready and send them to her and she figures out the fees and double checks my work and then walks them over. And it still takes forever and a day. That's how it is though and it's just part of the game that we play. It was a good trip all in all. And if you go visit and need a place to eat, shoot me a message because I have a couple of recommendations.