How Did We Profit From Disaster? We Had Insurance!

What do we do when our investments burn down? Collect the insurance and sell off the lot, duh.

Note Purchase: $9,500 - December 2016
Workout: $4,866 Contribution from JV + $1,961.95 Contribution from AJA Investments
Insurance Payout: $20,000
Payout from Sale of Burnt out shell: $1,775.23
Profit: $5,447.28 (Split 50/50) $2,723.64 each
JV Payout: $17,089.64 July 2017

ROI: 18.9% in 6 month. 
Annualized ROI: 37.9% to our JV


We had bigger and better plans for this asset. In fact, before it burned down we had a verbal offer of $40,000. That would have been a grand payday, but as the Rolling Stones sing, "You can't always get what you want..... You get what you need." We needed a profit. And we got one.

Need insurance for your investments? We like J.B. Lloyd and Associates. They've saved us a ton of money with lower rates and were quick with the check when it mattered.
J.B. Lloyd and Associates
Beth Boisseau

What do we get out of this referral? We might get a lunch out of it. We refer them because compared to the other companies we have used, they have been friggin' awesome.