Our Next Speaking Engagement

This Sunday at 11am CST, live in Austin Texas, I'll be speaking at Scott Carson's Virtual Note Buying Workshop. Scott Carson is who taught me the ropes with note buying. And even though I had my toe in the note pool, he pushed me in and told me to swim. Now it's all I do.
What will I be covering? How we pick and manage our deals. I'll be talking about how we stay organized, how we pick out assets, how we find our partners and raise capital and how we manage our portfolio. I'll go over some of the tools that I use that everyone has access to. I'll go over some of the habits that I have formed that help me with life and how that has crossed over into notes. I'll be talking about some of the skill sets that I have that give me an advantage over others, which you may or may not be able to pick up. And I'll be talking about how I do it all from the comfort of my rocking chair in the basement. The life of the note investor is good.