Recording in the 21st Century

Note Date 20170309 - Adam Adams

Electronic Filing. What will they think of next? When I first started buying notes, I would send my collateral off to a 3rd party for storage and recordings and recovering missing docs. I will not shame them by naming them here. They'd charge a nickel to receive the docs. They'd charge a dime to scan the docs. They'd charge a quarter to tell me what docs were missing. I'm not being literal with the nickels and dimes, in case you are thinking I was getting a great deal. The turning point was when I recovered missing docs and they charged me a few nickels to update their spreadsheet. How much does it cost to update a spreadsheet? That was it. Send my collateral back to me, I told them. I'll find another custodian. That cost me several quarters to get it all back. In all, for my first two files, I spent close to $700 on collateral. Total ripoff. The only problem was is that I couldn't find another custodian. The others can't answer the phone, they can't talk straight about the charges, they can't handle all of my needs. Fine. I'll keep the files. I'll store them, and I'll deal with recording them at the various counties.

So now that I was receiving my own collateral, I can't tell you how many people told me that I was living on the edge. You can't possibly learn all the requirements for recording these docs. My house would burn down and I'd lose everything. You better get a fire proof safe for all of your stuff. You are going to run out of room with all those files. Well well, I declare. I like to think of myself as a man of action, so I chose to live on the edge. And I did run out of room in my fireproof safe. And I had no idea on how to file these deeds, or assignments, or releases and such.

So what did I do? I bought a fireproof filing cabinet, designed for legal size folders, of course. Now I have plenty of space. And if I run out of room, I'll buy another. That problem is solved. Now I use my safe to keep other things safe, like my passport. And what did I do when I received my first Assignment or Quit Claim Deed? Freak out of course. I had no idea. My attorney helped me get through my first two. Franco Barile in Cleveland. A great guy who keeps me out of trouble, or fixes the trouble that I get into trouble. Then I went to an expo and talked to Alex at ProTitle USA. They do all of my O&E searches across the country. He's great company at dinners too. He turned me on to (Removed for bad service) out of Pasadena. I started talking with them and they'd record everything. One thing I notices were that half of the files were being done electronically. Hmmm... I pondered that and wondered what it would take for me to record electronically. So I dug around and I found Simplifile. I figured I'd check them out the next time I have something to record. When that day came, I had a Quit Claim for Grand Rapids and another for Council Bluffs. Simplifile tells you want forms you need and who to call for questions. So I did it. And I recorded two deeds that day. The next week, I recorded a couple of Land Contracts as well. Holy Crap this is easy. I was getting recorded the same day within a couple of hours. Now I have found Corporation Service Company. Between the two filing companies, I think I might have most of my counties covered. Every once in a while I'll still come across a 20th century county clerk that requires manual filing, like Montgomery Ohio. So I'll send it off to (Removed for bad service) to do the dirty work. However, for the most part, I can record my docs while sitting in my jammies.

I love this business. So check these services out. It made my life easier, that's for sure.

Franco Barile - 440.572.1511

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