Dallas-area housing market leads the country since recession

The Dallas News - Steve Brown - 03 March 2017

The Dallas area is among the U.S. home markets that have seen the most recovery in prices since the recession.

Denver, Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Francisco are at the top of a new list of the "most recovered" home markets in the country, according to online mortgage firm HSH.com.

"In the fourth quarter of 2016, home prices in your metro are now 50.53 percent above their mid-2000s 'boom-era' values, ranking number three out of a list of the 100 largest metropolitan areas," according to HSH.com.

The home price recovery index uses the Federal Housing Finance Agency's home price data to determine which markets have fully recovered and which ones still lag.

Although big-city Texas markets have boomed, some U.S. metropolitan areas hit hard by the recession continue to lag in home prices.

Las Vegas; Bakersfield, Calif.; and Stockton, Calif., head the list of areas where prices at the end of 2016 hadn't returned to their levels of a decade ago.

Dallas-Fort Worth home prices are at all-time highs. In North Texas, they have risen more than 40 percent in the last four years to record levels.

Dallas-area prices are about 35 percent higher than at the peak of the last housing boom before the recession, according to Case-Shiller.