Scott Carson's Note Mastermind April 7-9

I'm a big believer in mentors. My father was #1. My friend Raj was my second and showed me the way with databases. We learned a lot and made money in apartments with Brad Sumrok showing us his system for success. And now Scott Carson is our mentor. We've all heard the saying about giving a man a fish versus teaching him how to fish. Well, I can say Scott taught us how to fish and gave us a great tackle set to boot. Scott has made it possible for us to change real estate from an investment into a business where we are able to grow our wealth as well as the wealth of our partners.
In a couple of weeks we'll be attending our third Mastermind event where we will meet others in the same business. With every Mastermind we attend, we come away with more friends and more nuggets of info to help us improve our business. Sometimes we come home with an asset or two. You can find out more about Scott Carson here