Introduction to Adam Adams and AJA Investments

Today is my first blog post on here. I'm a sloppy writer without my wife's proofreading, so we'll see how it all goes. I've been a real estate investor since 2011. It all started when we moved from Houston and couldn't sell our home. So we turned it into a rental. That's when we entered the world of single family rentals. We weren't making much money at it, but we bought that house to live in, not to rent. We made some cash, but we'd spend it in repairs and such. Once the market in Houston started going up, we sold it and made a hell of a lot more than we wanted in 2011. So in the end, we made money.

In 2012, we began investing in apartments. We made some serious bank in that business and we met dozens of other investors. That really took us in a new direction, particularly, my wife. She grew up being taught that a savings account was a retirement plan. Once we got into the apartment scene, we started hitting all of the conferences and meeting more people and learning more about the game of making money in real estate. While we were never leads on any apartment deals, we were invested with several complexes and we were KPs on one. 

I'd say in 2015, we started seeing the prices of apartments getting out of whack. I wish the prices were still 2015 prices because they have doubled in some areas since then. Gone were the days of $25,000 per door investments. Gone were the days of $25,000 to get in on a deal. Now we are seeing $100,000+ per door for C Class properties. And if I get an email for an investment property, I rarely see anything for less than $75,000 to get in. So we started looking elsewhere.

While we were involved with apartment investing, we met an individual who bought notes. Non-performing Seconds to be specific. We became friends and he started showing us the ropes. We started investing with him and learning from him. Then in January 2016, I heard Scott Carson speak at a conference. I'd already spent money for some wholesale training, but he comped me in to his training because of my veteran status. So in February 2016 we attended his virtual class. WOW. I learned a lot, or I thought I had. Now is where we get side tracked.

Remember I said we had already paid for some wholesale training? Well this is when we went into wholesaling. I learned some stuff and I did a wholesale. My biggest lesson was, this is a lot of work and money to find one deal. The big boys are spending 10 times what I am spending. This is definitely a volume game and it's just not that appealing to me. So we did our one wholesale and moved on to note training.

Off we went to Scott's Fast Track in July 2016. I could go in saying that I've had 5 notes under my belt (with the assistance of my buddy.) I thought that was a lot at the time. Fast Track took me to another world of notes. It opened my eyes to firsts. It taught me a little bit about the details of the business. And Chase taught me about putting myself out there. So I'm out here.  At the end of Scott's training, I put in 14 bids thinking I'd get 3 or 4. I got 14 acceptanced. Obviously I am bidding too high. Needless to say, I didn't get any at the end of that process.

Next we went off to our first Mastermind in Napa, Cali. I was working on my first deal. It seemed to be the beginning of a trend of getting deals under contract while I was out of town. My first true due diligence. It cost me quite a bit of money because I didn't know what I was doing. I worked through it though and closed the deal.

While in Napa, Jay Tenenbaum taught me the value of low end properties. So guess what I bought in my next round of purchases. Two Contracts for Deed (Land Contracts) in Ohio. I've bought quite a number of land contracts since then and to be honest, I like them.

Well I haven't looked back since. I'm trying to buy half a dozen assets a month. Sometimes I win big and I'll get an undervalued asset on the cheap. Sometimes I pay for a pool of low end land contracts. Sometimes I feel lucky to keep my shirt on. For me though, this is also a volume game and the averages should keep me in the black. My business model keeps growing as I grow in the business. And now I've grown to the point where I thought I'd write a blog.

So I hope my writing skills are good enough to entertain you and maybe educate a little bit. I'm a giving person at this point in time, so feel free to ask questions or shoot me a message. If I get too many of you, I might not be as giving as I am right now. :)

Anyways, enjoy.

Adam Adams