Super Bowl LI / Flint Michigan / Trump Dodd-Frank

Are You Ready For The Super Bowl?

I've got $2 riding on this game. That's not a typo. $2.00. I've got the Falcons and my Pops, from the New England family I married into, has the Patriots. If Atlanta wins, I'll rub it in. If the Pats win, I'll talk about how they cheated (as usual).
Go Falcons. 
Speaking of championships, we are working on our championship 2017 season. It was a slow start in January and we only closed on one note. This week and next we are working on 6 to 8 notes. We plan on closing on about 9-12 notes this month. Stay tuned for the score. If you want in on the action, send us an email.

Why Flint Michigan?

We are buying in Flint Michigan. BUT THE WATER IS CONTAMINATED!! It was one of the big stories of 2016. So why would we buy there? For starters, the Feds approved $180,000,000 to fix the problem. Jobs are still being created in Flint and with all this public plumbing about to take place, there will be a lot more jobs from the federal government for the next few years. While property values took a hit during the barrage of negative stories in the news, prices are going back up. We've partnered with a great property management company in the area that handles everything from valuations, to property preservation, to rentals. And they can even handle the sale of the turnkey when we are done. That's why we are buying in Flint.

We currently have four assets under contract in Flint and should close within a couple of weeks. Our goal on these assets is to either get them performing again, or we will acquire the property and turn it into a rental and then sell it to an investor as a turnkey property. If you want to know more about how we do our business, or how to put your Self Directed IRA to work for you,
contact me now to get on the special buyers list.

New Jersey's Distressed Mortgage Expo

It was a great weekend at the New Jersey's Distressed Mortgage Expo. I met with other note investors, I schmoozed with vendors that I work with on a regular basis, and I spent some quality time with those colleagues that have come to be friends since I got into the world of notes. On top of that, I picked up a few tidbits to improve our business and learned more about the direction of the industry for 2017 from people in the know.

Trump Rolls Back Dodd Frank!!!
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