Note Expo & Speaking at Note Buying for Dummies

Excited and Exhausted

I wrapped up one hell of a weekend. I spent Friday and Saturday at the Note Expo at the Fort Worth Convention Center. On Sunday I spoke at Scott Carson's Virtual Note Buying for Dummies. I can't quantify how much I learned, but right off the top I can think of two big lessons. 

#1: I should have gotten a room. I stayed up with the crew for the after hours entertainment. Followed by a long drive back to my cozy home in East Dallas. While the traffic is pretty smooth at 11pm and 6:30am, they just aren't my ideal times to be driving. And to have slept in a nice king size bed across the street at the hotel without a couple of cute kitties attacking my toes would have been delightful.

#2: My wife will be going from now on. I am the worker bee of the team and she's my Sweet Sugar Mamma. Half of this business is relationships and Sugar Mammas are a part of that. So there I am schmoozing with the schmoozers and reinforcing relationships with colleagues, sellers, buyers and vendors. Jen would have had a great time doing the same. While she might argue this point, it would have been more fun than the shopping she did all day Saturday.

I actually learned a lot. I've got some new ideas for valuating properties and a couple more exit strategies that can add another 10% or so to the profit of the deal. I spoke with others who do what I do and talked about their business models and processes. I've got some new tools to try and methods to apply to the deals I have and to some of my new tapes. I probably only spent half of my time in the presentations. I spent the rest of that time shaking hands, putting faces to people that I've been speaking to for months, making new friends and building upon the friendships I do have.

Then to wrap up the weekend, Sunday I spoke at Scott Carson's Virtual Note Buying for Dummies. I wasn't sure if I could fill an hour with content, but when it was over an hour and fifteen minutes had passed. I rambled on about how I got my start and the value of having mentors in my life. I've gotta say, I don't think I could have had the success with notes without Scott showing me the way.

I'm ready to relax and take it easy, but now I have more tapes to go through and more bids to place. Maybe next weekend eh.


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