Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! 10AM

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Nope, it's not Monster Trucks at the arena, or a Mattress sale at the furniture store. It's my story. I will be speaking for an hour at Scott Carson's Virtual Note Buying for Dummies. Scott Carson is my mentor for buying notes. I'll be telling my story of how I got started with Scott this year by sitting through his Virtual Note Buying for Dummies and the journey my wife and I have been on since.

The classes start on Friday and if you are, or were, a first responder or a vet, then you'll get comped in for free. The classes are jam packed with what the business is all about. You'll hear from Scott and Chase and other experts in the field. So if you want to know what I do and how I do it, this weekend will explain everything.

Here is the site for the Note Buying for Dummies.

And to find out more, here is Scott's site

I will be presenting at 10am CST Sunday. I will be wrapped up well before for the 12 o'clock Cowboys kickoff.