Kicking Butt Like Chuck Norris

Just like Chuck, we're kicking butt. In the last couple of weeks we've closed on four deals. Already in talks with one borrower to modify the note. Next week we are closing on two more deals. And we still have a handful more cooking in the fire. Stay tuned for the details.

Last Saturday we attended a fantastic multifamily apartment investing educational and networking event. And when I say multifamily, I mean 5 units or more. Some of you know that Jen and I come from the multifamily arena. This year we have moved on to the world of notes. However, we still keep in touch with our colleagues and keep up with the latest trends. If multifamily is something that you think you would be interested in, I highly recommend you check out Mark and Tami Kenney at Think Multifamily ( I think they are very honest people and have a lot to offer. They have been investing for a while and own 1,300 units. Mark and Tami are now providing an avenue for others to learn how to invest in multifamily apartment real estate. Their contact info is below…

It takes money to invest in multifamily. Lots of money. We've had a chance to talk to a lot of investors in the last few months. People that we have known for years and some others that we have met at different investing events. One thing that we have heard from a number of investors is that some of these multifamily deals are out of their reach because they require a minimum of $50k-$100k just to get in on one deal. So if you are waiting for a deal and have your money sitting in a savings account or self directed IRA, making zero interest, then you may be interested in finding an alternative way to help your money grow faster. By investing in non-performing notes, you could make 10% or more on your money in just 12-18 months and the minimum to get into these deals is sometimes as low as $15,000. If you want to learn more about investing in non-performing notes send me an email and we can go over the process.


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