Remembering Bryan Freeman

I usually write about real estate stuff. I'm a sloppy writer and I always have my wife proof everything. So when I say "write", I mean that I copy stories from other sources that relate to my business and real estate experiences. Today is Veteran's Day. I'm going to go get a free steak for my 3 year stint in the Army. While I was assigned to E-7th FA 10th Mountain, I met Bryan Freeman. There is one memory that always sticks out the most. It was when several of us were having a massive snowball fight down in the motor pool. One of my snowballs went into his squad's shed that he was cleaning. He wasn't too happy about that. I wound up sweeping the snow out of his shed. I don't know why that one memory sticks out more than the others, but it does. Freeman was a good guy. He was squared away just a little bit more than the rest of us. 

We both got out at the same time. I left with a medical discharge after shattering my hand in a cannon. Freeman left because he had his full time in. Seven years later, his reserve unit was called up to do a tour in Iraq. He was shot while on that tour. Some cultures say that a person is not truly gone until the last person that knew him is gone as well. So I'm trying to keep Freeman around for a little bit longer.